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About Us


Stephanie Park  Founder and Host

Stephanie Park (she/her) is a senior at Milton Academy in Massachusetts, who is most intrigued by history. Apart from hosting Rediscovering History, she is the Editor-in-Chief of Artists’ Block, a literary magazine, and is the head of the Amnesty International chapter and History Club at her school. She has received regional and state prizes for her work at National History Day. Her hobbies include singing, practicing the guitar, and taking random photos with her friends. 

Why Rediscovering History?

Through Rediscovering History, I am not merely a passive learner but an active participant in unraveling the layers of our past. The richness of unique narratives goes beyond conventional historical accounts, shedding light on the nuanced aspects of human existence that textbooks may overlook. Engaging in conversations with diverse individuals about their distinct experiences serves as a constant reminder of the pivotal roles each person plays in creating what we have decided to acknowledge as history. Through discussion and solitary explorations, history ceases to be a mere collection of facts and figures, but instead, became a living, breathing narrative that defines our status quo.

Oliver Sin  Junior Representative

Oliver Sin (he/him) is a junior at Milton Academy who is also a big fan of history. In addition to Rediscovering History, Oliver is a writer and editor for the Milton Measure and Helix. His hobbies include reading historical fiction, poetry, and hanging out with his friends.

Why Rediscovering History?

I love being a part of Rediscovering History because I get to explore topics I don't get to during history classes. It's almost like creating a history curriculum for myself, which I find to be extremely exciting. Interviewing different people about their unique experiences constantly reminds me of how everyone plays a crucial role in shaping the tapestry of history. Each person's story adds a unique thread, weaving together the rich and diverse fabric of our shared past. It's fascinating to witness the myriad perspectives, insights, and anecdotes that contribute to the collective narrative of humanity.

Hosts and Discussion Friends
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